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Enterprise Solutions for your Mobile Workforce

Eponic Mobile 8

A seamless tracking solution, Mobile8 lets you see exactly where and what your team is up to. Managers can set performance benchmarks, measure improvement and quickly identify problem areas. The mobile system, run on iPhones or iPads, is simple to deploy and designed for ease of use, in fact homeless individuals whose first job back in the workforce, picking up trash, successfully master the system in a single session. Managers and administrators access the system online and monitor the health of the operation via a graphically-rich dashboard and cloud-reporting portal that employs machine learning AI to do the heavy lifting.

Clean & Safe App

A public facing application, available for download on the Apple App and Google Play Store, the Clean & Safe App is branded with your organization, like Clean & Safe - Downtown San Diego Partnership. The app allows business owners, stakeholders and citizens to report maintenance issues and non-emergency safety concerns directly to your team in the field. The system tracks the issue and automatically notifies the reporter when the problem is resolved.

Tickets - Dynamic Dispatch

An extension to the Mobile8 platform, Eponic Tickets is a light-weight work order system that dynamically routes assignments to the nearest available worker. Supervisors can manually create work-orders in the field, and track average response time, duration of a project and time to close. The system sends notifications of new assignments and closes the loop when the issue is resolved.

Data Visualization Impact

"It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken"
- Frank Perdue 1971.

One of the more difficult challenges at Eponic is turning the millions and millions of log entries, a multitude of disparate data types, into salient, meaningful, easily understood reports and charts. We track 5 types of location data, GPS breadcrumbs, average response times, log activity durations, incident resolution aging, vehicle mileage, gas and water usage, essentially anything you find meaningful and unlike a Perdue chicken, you can free-range and we will customize to your heart's desire. We are from Portland, Oregon and we know a thing or two about chickens and data visualization.

What Makes Cities Great

Eponic Corp specializes in mobile data acquisition for field teams and cloud reporting solutions. Cities deploy the Eponic platform to track, manage and report infrastructure problems, trash collection and quality of life issues. With customers spanning the United States and Canada, Eponic has a track record of successfully implementing big data solutions, machine learning AI, cloud-reporting, and biometric tracking.

We excel at creating systems that are easy to deploy, simple use and provide the actionable data analytics that your teams require.

What Makes BIDs Great

Eponic Corp, based in Portland Oregon, has a twenty year history of working with business improvement districts. Our first customer the Portland Business Alliance shaped the direction of our company and the mobile data and cloud-reporting Mobile8 platform. The platform, an International Downtown Achievement Award Winner, provides actionable data for tracking, optimizing, reporting and creating operational efficiencies for safety, maintenance, cleaning, ambassadorial and homeless outreach teams.

What Makes Airports Great

Deployed in New York's JFK and LGA Airports, Eponic Mobile8 running on iPhone SEs, identifies security breaches, aids the security teams mission of reuniting customer's and their lost luggage, tracks infrastructure maintenance, GPS breadcrumbs and strategically placed geotags seamlessly track the security team in areas that GPS both do and do not penetrate.

What Makes Universities Great

Eponic Mobile8 and the Clean & Safe App are the perfect combo for tracking security, maintenance and quality of life issues on campus. Working closely with The Cooper Union, we developed best practices to keep students, faculty and staff safe.

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, established in 1859, is among the nation's oldest and most distinguished institutions of higher education. The college, founded by inventor, industrialist and philanthropist, Peter Cooper, offers a world-class education in art, architecture and engineering as well as an outstanding faculty of humanities and social sciences.

What Makes Parking Authorities Great

Working with the City of Miami Beach, Allied Universal's Security Officers and management team, Eponic developed several systems for monitoring the safety of parking garages. Incidents are automatically processed into an approved format of the City of Miami Beach Police Department and notifications are programmatically generated and sent to the AUS team real-time. Geolocation and guard tour tracking, via GPS and Eponic Geotags for areas GPS doesn't penetrate, like the Level 4 basement of a concrete parking garage.

What Makes HOAs Great

Simple to use and easy to deploy, Eponic has a suite of solutions to track maintenance teams, security staff and visitors. Reporting in the cloud, computer aided dispatch, access control and biometric tracking deliver real-time actionable data on team performance and issue resolution, leading to happy stakeholders.


We track your team in real-time, supervisors see the team movement and/or lack of, with notifications for inactivity and venturing outside approved geofences. The system records the GPS breadcrumbs and data is stored as a permanent record. Supervisors monitor the team online at base or in the field on their smart phones.


Simple tools for both monitoring the team and creating custom ad-hoc geofence reports. Powerful for isolating areas of interest before they become actual problems. Eponic geofencing platform includes a master inclusion fence of your service area with automated notification.


Eponic geotags solve a variety of problems, low cost to deploy and inexpensive to maintain. Uses range from guard tour applications, infrastructure tracking and business compliance tracking. At JFK and LGA airports the security team seamlessly performs maintenance checks on IEDs,fire extinguishers and skyway access with Eponic geotags.


The system was designed to be Fisher-Price easy to pick up and master. Mobile workers are creating usable entries their first time in the field. Managers, supervisors and admins are up to speed after two short 25 minute Zoom training sessions.


Eponic only uses Tier 1 Data Centers with redundant facilities, multiple internet providers, emergency power and automated backup storage. Just ask our happy customers, we have 20 year history with a 99.99% up time.

Custom Solutions

Don't see what you want? Our business analysts and engineering team will help you implement a data collection program with the custom reports you require.

Charting that Creates Action

The Eponic data visualization and charting suite included with your monthly subscription is a constantly evolving eco-system. We search for best of class solutions and frequently update the mapping, charting and reporting outputs with continual feedback from customers.

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